Hon Hillary Bissong’s Address to Boki II sequel to picking Expression of Intent form… Read details here

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Hon Hillary Bissong 
6 September 2018 
In furtherance to the many calls for me to aspire to continue representing the good people of Boki 2 State Constituency in the CRSHA, I have embarked on consultations with my constituents and followed up by picking the expression of Intent and Nomination forms of my party-the PDP. 
In accepting to contest again, I do it with all sense of humility and respect to my people, understanding the immeasurable importance of having a ranking member in the House of Assembly. When the waves  of insecurity started blowing over our Constituency, I did the needful by ensuring that the issues were raised at the floor of the house and a house committee set up to interface with the people. When the issue took a new dimension, I ensured that a detachment of soldiers led by CRO Boki 2 in the person of Mr Eramus Ekpang visited the trouble spots to restore peace immediately. As the problem escalated, Dr Pius Tawo and myself met with His Excellency the Governor for the deployment of Soliders that were stations at Okundi and patrolling the trouble areas. The Constitution of the Judiciary Panel of Enquiry was also our brain child to restore peace. 
Regrettably, these senseless attrition is still continuing amongst us. Thus, insecurity has recently been witnessed in the whole of Boki LGA other LGAs in CRS and in almost all the States in Nigeria. This  in itself is a collective failure of leadership especially from the elites, the home, the traditional institutions and even the church. 
I pledge to continue to engage our communities on the way forward to lasting peace. 
I have listened to the arguments by some persons but let me reminds us that Government is the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Hence putting the failure of governance in Boki on my shoulder especially by appointees who are part of the executive arm of government is being unreasonably unfair to me and my constituents. 
In our setting, the job of a legislator is to ensure that you make laws that will have direct benefits to your constituents. This brings to fore one of the bills I sponsored – Social Corporate Responsibility Law for which one of our illustrious daugther gain appointment as SA-Corporate Social  Responsibility to the Governor.
I appeal to all my supporters to refrain from using abusive language against any other aspirant as insults on others  don’t win you converts. 
Please campaign with the many first I have recorded in my 3+ years of legislative representation of our constituency since 1999 till date. The facts speak clearly. 
(1) First House of Assembly Member to organise a town hall meeting 7months into office and there after. 
(2) First House of Assembly Member to produce an action plan for constituency engagement. 
(3) First House of Assembly Member to Operate a functional constituency office with a retired Principal as an executive secretary. 
(4) First House of Assembly Member to employ constituency liaison officers from each ward 
(5) First House of Assembly Member to have a constituency payroll of over 12 staff monthly. 
(6) First House of Assembly member to inaugurate and have  an advisory committee of elders from each ward 
(7) First House of Assembly Member to do empowerment within 6 months in office 
(8) First House of Assembly Member to train 50 constituents in blue chip skills- Tilling,  Painting,  Plumbing,  Electrician, and Decoration/Cake Making 
(9) First House of Assembly Member to partner with NDE in training of  over 70 constituents in different trade skills 
(10) First House of Assembly Member to share 10,000 copies of writing materials to all the secondary schools in our constituency 
(11) First House of Assembly Member to trains over 50 constituents in computer operations skill in collaboration with the Catholic church in Ogep Osokom 
(12) First House of Assembly Member to organise a Ditigal Google training for constituents tag Making money from Google 
(13) First time House of Assembly Member with the highest number of bills in the history of Cross River State House of Assembly- This earned me public accolades from the Rt. Hon. Jake Otu Enyia.  
Dear constituents, these I could undertake within the resources available to me. However,  Let me apologize for the things I should have done better while assuring us that like new wine, I shall surely get better with time and age
For our party the PDP, this are uncertain times for us. Gone are the days when winning the  PDP’s ticket guarantees victory hence today we need one with the capacity, experience and network to win an election.
In all, let God’s will be done… 
God bless Boki 2 State Constituency 
God bless the leadership of our party- the PDP. 
God bless the leadership of our dear state led by Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade.
God bless our dear State – CRS. 
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