3 Reasons Why Ndiyo Ndiyo’s constituted CPC of the NYCN in C/River may be reportedly biased

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Prince Ndiyo Ndiyo of the NYCN in C/River 
16 June 2020

The 7-man Central Planning Committee (CPC) of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) constituted by the incumbent state chair, Prince Ndiyo Ndiyo, has been faulted and perceived to be likely biased NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered. 
There are reservations against Ndiyo’s CPC on the argument that the list is skewed in favour of one of the intending candidates. For instance, an argument in this line says, 90% of the membership of the CPC had already declared support for one of the three known intending candidates; that the Voluntary Youth Council (VYO) a vital institution in the NYCN is glaringly absent from the CPC list; and aspirants for what ever office are requested to pay monies into personal account instead of NYCN’s corporate bank account.
On the account of the above argument, another sentiment has slammed Ndiyo the state chair by querying what type of legacy he intends to leave behind in the CPC —deciding the fate of the outcome of the NYCN elections in the state before it would be decided? 
In our earlier report, we represented Ndiyo as denying his awareness of anybody vying for any office in the state EXCO of NYCN. He argued that someone is confirmed to be a candidate on the strength of having picked nomination forms for election. For him, none has done that to the best of his knowledge. Because none has done that, no CPC member could be said to be biased while supporting any intending candidate. 
Ndiyo’s said: ‘I don’t know who is contesting election. As far as I am concerned, there is nobody who is contesting an election. Nobody has picked a form. It is from now henceforth that you will know if a CPC member is biased…’
The CPC list is thus: 
1. Attah Etim Attah… chairman
2. Victor bassey… secretary
3. Eyo Boco
4. Emma Takon
5. Emma Olayi
6. Ukor Brown and
7. Mrs Immaculata Ekpenyong.

The CPC of the NYCN is responsible for planning elections and preparing elections materials.