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That umbrella is big enough to cover us from the rain of hunger and the sun of insecurity. But those we collectively elected to hold the umbrella for the interest of all, are the very people who adjusted the umbrella to accommodate only those who are close to them.

It was on this reason we brought the broom to sweep this kind of inhumane attitude that was championed by high level of corruption away from our land. Instead of those elected to use this broom to do what it was assigned to do, they rather use it to sweep all the resources of the nation into their rooms.

From time to time those who hold the umbrella quarrel with the ones moving with the broom. The poor masses will think it was for their interest that the quarrel ensued. Not knowing that it was about how to share to themselves the resources that was meant for all of us.

If they cross from umbrella to broom, they are crossing to get protection for the atrocity they have committed while holding the umbrella. And if they should cross from the broom to umbrella, they are going there to finish the little wealth that remains as our hope.

Whether umbrella or broom, we are not secured. So let no hungry man fight another hungry man in support of umbrella. Just as it is irrational for insecured young man to fight another insecured young man in favour of the broom.

The saddest part of it is that, the few enlightened who tried to educate the masses on the tricks of some of these leaders are often open to attacks by the very people they are trying to liberate. From the day you opposes their wrongs, your life would be at risk.

Why should someone who has been abandoned in the rain and sun, turns his anger to another of his brother who is also suffering outside the umbrella that supposed to cover him from hunger and pains?

Why should someone who have used broom to sweep all our resources send you to beat and kill your brother who is speaking out for the sake of the masses and you accept to go?

My dear brothers and sisters there’s no point to fight ourselves. We all are victims of the umbrella and the broom. Instead of fighting we should unite in love. Whether from the umbrella or the broom, the point is that we are one.

When once we come to the knowledge of this and put it into practice, most of our problems will become the things of the past.

From today, stop insulting our leaders (even though they have failed). The fact is that insult to elders is an aberration to the ethics of life. If you don’t like their administration, choose your leader and elect. Even you reading this post is not too young to declare your intention to lead.

Elders wouldn’t have been this bad if the youths didn’t give them support. So the axiom of the problem is not the elders but the youths.

In all of these, remember that one day, you and i will die. So when you act, act as a vistor who was sent to the earth to ensure that things are done in a way that everyone will benefit from them.

Michael Eneyo