Ayade is very complex, self contradictory governor… Abuja-based Nigerian lawyer

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A Nigerian lawyer who is based in Abuja has disclosed that the Governor of Cross River state, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, is very complex and self contradictory public officer NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

F. Baba Isa disclosed this last week via social media where he highlighted two issues according to which the state chief executive confuses him.

Isa observed that Gov Ayade claims to be an industrialist but has more political appointees than he has any deliberate scheme to encourage young Nigerians to explore his industrialisation drive. He further made reference to the Governor’s alleged humanity but wonders how the latter fails to pay the N5,000 stipend of aged sweepers, pensioners.

Isa’s words in part, ‘The Governor claims he is industrialising Cross River State by building factories and industries but he does not have a single program to channel the vibrant youthful energy in Cross River State into these industries. Rather, the Governor is channeling this vibrant youthful energy into politics. He has over 7000 appointees, mostly young people.

‘The conversation on the streets of Cross River State among young people is how to get a political appointment not how to man the industries the Governor claims he is building across the state. Young Cross Riverians have perfected the skills of hunting for appointments but no one is talking about business plans and business models. What a contradiction.

‘Young Cross Riverians are political entrepreneurs. Even their use of and engagement on social media is tailored to curry political appointments. I thought a governor who is building industries is supposed to rev up our industrial consciousness rather than political appointment consciousness. I don’t understand. Or is the Governor lying about being an industrialist?

‘2. The Governor tells anyone who cares to listen about his “humanity” and empathy. I mean, he even finds the time out of his busy schedule to cry on TV to buttress his humanity; but the same Governor will not pay pensioners, he will not promote workers and he will not pay road sweepers, old poor women, N5000 monthly salary. I don’t understand.

‘3. Ok. I know the usual defence of there is no money. The state is poor. Why not prove this by cutting down your political appointments. Why pay thousands of jobless appointees when you can’t pay real workers and pensioners? I don’t understand.’