My guber ambition aspires to be an alliance of the marginalised… Nkoyo Toyo to Nigerian youth

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A gubernatorial hopeful in Cross River has disclosed that her political aspiration will be an alliance of the marginalised NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Her Excellency Amb. Nkoyo Toyo Esq. was making reference to both youth, and women in the Nigeria whom she referred to as being marginalised elements while stressing that women are the most marginalised in Nigeria.

Toyo expressed the above disposition on Tuesday while she was addressing members of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN at the Youth House in Calabar the state capital metropolis.


According to her, ‘You young people feel marginalised. But, if you feel marginalised, look at the room and think about what happens to women. Just look at the room… Young people are marginalised but, we are even more marginalised.

‘Therefore, if this aspiration is going to go anywhere, it has to be an alliance of the marginalised. If you are marginalised and I am marginalised, then it is about time we come together and start having a conversation.

‘So, this is a conversation we are starting –we are having a conversation– and this is a conversation on how we’ve created a partnership and an alliance between those of us who think we have been left out, and how to go into a government that we co-create and if we co-create that government, what does it mean to co-create and have all of us on the table and talking across to ourselves because we both partners in making things happen.

‘This is the story for today, the story of today is what is that new existence co-created by us, what will it look like? And how do we enable it to happen’, Toyo’s statement reads in part.

Beginning from Monday, Nkoyo Toyo Esq began embarking on a three-day consultation tour with Nigerian youth especially under the auspices of National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN where she has been drumming on co-creation and collaboration between actors like the youth and women.

She met with NYCN members from the Northern Senatorial District on Tuesday. She continued on Wednesday.