POLITICS: Benedict Ayade, Cross River PDP Gubernatorial Candidate In A Big Mess!

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By Efio-Ita Nyok | 26 February 2015 | 7:00 am
The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Cross River, Professor Benedict Ayade, from information reliably gleaned, is presently in a cobweb of messy challenges that retain the potential to profoundly undermine his bids, and that of his party, for the top job in the state.
It has been alleged that the said Obudu-born and temperamentally sanguine gubernatorial candidate is presently in a series of court cases, of which the one hinges on the allegation that he is guilty of incestuous rape, and the other suit is challenging the authenticity of the professorial tag that is always seen to precedes his name.
Concerning the incestuous rape, it has been alleged that some time ago Sen.(Prof) Ben Ayade was convicted in a Ghana court for raping his biological daughter. As already suggested above, the case was tried in a Ghana court since it was alleged to transpire there, and it was resolved as the Senator was asked by the sitting judge to pay a heavy fine.
As it regards the latter, a group is challenging the authenticity of Ben Ayade’s professorship. The suit is demanding that Ayade demonstrate when, where and how he became a professor.
Feelers suggest that, while the court is yet to come up with an authoritative proposition on the suits, the opposition parties, namely the Labour Party(LP) and the All Progressive Congress(APC) in the state, especially the former, that is LP, would make so much fuse about the subject. This fuse is capable of swaying the public away from the choice candidate of the PDP.
What has been quite surprising is the fact that these cases are not been discussed in the press, whether print or electronic. It may have been the result of the handiwork of the ruling party and some of Ayade’s henchmen who will ensure that the incidence is not given proper media coverage especially by crooked means the PDP is reputed for. It may be that the press has been bought over with sinews of war starched in their bank account.
Be that as it may, Negroid Haven is poised to report an objective and up-to-date information as the story evolves.