POLITICS: Former C’ River Foremost Students’ Activist Charges C’ River Governor- & Deputy Governor-Elect On Quality Governance

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By Adjah Adjah| 23 April 2015| 10:40am

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I join millions of Cross Riverians, home and abroad, to congratulate Their Excellencies, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade and Prof. Ivara Esu on our victory at the polls on the 11th of April 2015. It was a victory for Cross River state as we have indeed received double blessings of (Change and Transformation) through them as Governor- and Deputy Governor Elects. Not forgetting to congratulates the newly 25 state lawmakers most especially Comrade Hon. Hilary Bisong, my former immediate boss and pleading with the other political Parties and their aspirant to give peace a chance for once, join hands with the in-coming administration to take CRS to it's Eldorado and Zenith. If for any reason or reasons, you are aggrieved please follow the point of law through Tribunals. But Before we get carried away by celebrations, May I use this medium to charge their excellencies on issues affecting the state. Such as:

1. Uncleanliness:
Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, implications being that God has "departed" CRS. Our gutters are smelling, bushes/grasses untamed and thereby killing the most known clean and green city of Calabar. Please look into it.

2. Agriculture:
As a state we haven't really tried in this sector. Wilmar at Biase is a failed project we all know, I can contest that with anyone who thinks otherwise. Again, Governor Liyel Imoke spent so much money training Cross Riverians at Songhai farms in Benin Republic, where are they and has their intellectual property been put to use. Your excellency it's a NO from me. Please Investigate thoroughly. Fadama is only seen on pages of news papers, that's why the populace are hungry. Am aware you have a food bank program. Please feed us all and make quality use of your deputy in this sector as he's efficiently and effectively competent.

3. Human development:
We have a lot of skilful and talented Crossriverians across board but no support from Government to make their dreams come true. Look at the entertainment world, we contribute through many of our sons and daughters but have we welcomed them home, have we created an enabling environment for them to thrive. The answer is all NO. #Bringbackourtalentedsonsanddaughters Ayade. I want to see a last Prophet, Mbakara, Double E, Anderson, mc owondo, Shan George, Vivian Anani etc holding appointments and even been given concessions on elective positions in the state. They've all contributed immensely including many others who's names are numerous to mention. Please give us technocrats as State Executive Council members not "state Executhiefs council members"

4. Insecurity:
It's no longer news that you can no longer COME AND LIVE AND BE AT REST (Calabar) again. We sleep each day with our two eyes and ears all opened because of a new menace of Scolombo kids and political thugs turn armed robbers. Infact the QIS and other security outfit created to salvage the situation is a scam, sham and a fraud on tax payers money. Scarp them off or better still over-haul the entire process or you may be leaving the peace loving cross RIVERIANS to take laws into their hands. With insecurity sir, all your plans to bring in investors would only be a mirage built in oblivion.

Finally, in all this few major points I have raised, I pray that Gods wisdom, blessings and favour abide with your administration now till when ever your tenure ends. You've only just began. Always try to booker the Lacuna between Government and the People. Please try to return the PARADISE to the city of Calabar as it's almost lost, revisit the almost dying Tourism sector please and by doing this and many more for your people, we the People would democratically party with you. Shalom 

Comrade. Prince Adjah Adjah Jnr
Former NACRISS Worldwide President/ BOT Chairman SOCRISS Worldwide