On the New Commissioners: My Take & Critical Observations -By Princewill Odidi

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Princewill Odidi|29 November 2015|9:48pm

I just reviewed the full list of commissioners and their designated portfolios. At least the governor has scaled one huddle. Next, it will be good if the public can be intimated on the terms of reference of the various portfolios since some are confusing and overlapping.

The Ministry of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Sustainable Development are technically one and the same thing. The governor should provide some clarifications here.

Second, The Ministry of Social Housing and Ministry of New City Development are practically the same thing. Additional clarifications needed here.

Third, The Ministry of Works is practically the same as Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Special Projects. It is important their terms of reference are released immediately before national media makes a mockery of our structures.
Also to note, Ministry of Gas Resources and Petroleum Resources. This will create a lot of
internal conflicts and confusion

I commend the governor for this step. I will also urge him to move speedily and put in place the
operational structures for this commissioners to function effectively so they don't end up being redundant, especially the new ministries.

Once again, congratulations to the new appointees, and good effort to Governor Ayade, but save the
day, more work has to be done.
Keep it up.

God bless CRS.

Princewill Odidi
Is a Development Consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia