C’ Riverians in the US outwitted by Trump express their surprises. You don’t want to miss what they said!

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Efio-Ita Nyok|10 November 2016

On the 8th of November, Americans went to the polls to chose who becomes the President of the United States. On the 9th of November, 289 of Electoral College votes as against Hillary Clinton's 218 secured Mr Donald Trump as America's President-elect. This has left so many people surprised. As I write, there are protest in the United States challenging Trump's victory over Clinton.

Cross Riverians in the diaspora especially four of them, namely, Ikom-born Princewill Odidi (Atlanta), Yakurr-born Peter Ofem Ubi (New York), Obudu-born Bobby Agba Illiam (West Virginia) and Obudu-born Eau Ad who are all American citizens and are political pundits in their rights have expressed their position concerning the election of Trump. The interesting thing is that, all of them supported Clinton.

Mr Odidi confessed that he thought Trump's election was a dream. He has asked to wake up from this long dream! However, Mr Ad has revealed that though he voted for Clinton he had earlier told his family should Trump not win the elections he would be surprised. In fact, he likened Trump to Cross River State Governor Ayade and posited that according to what he referred to as 'profiling', their likes win elections. Mr Ubi who may have been teased by Cross Riverians back here in Nigeria over the failure of his candidate, Clinton has charged them to fix Nigeria's politics rather than deceive themselves over America's election. For Mr Illiam, something isn't right about the election. Though he has congratulated President-elect Trump, he has labeled the American society as being what he referred to as 'misogynist'. What follows is an excerpt of their reactions as it appears on their social media account:

Princewill Odidi:
I slept at about 3am American time last night because I was following the election result. I woke up this morning and thought Trump winning was just a dream.

I asked my wife, who won the election? That's when it dawned on me we are in a new era. I don't think Trump himself expected that he will win. His acceptance speech was read unprepared. Maybe it's a dream. I can't wait to wake up.

It is reported that Canadian Immigration website crashed last night because of too many hits. At work this morning, all my colleagues are asking the same question, what really happened? I must be frank, not in my wildest imaginations did I see it coming. It's either a dream or an April fool, but if it is true, good morning President Trump.

Eau Ad:
I voted Hillarry. But I told everybody in the house, even when the counting was not too favorable yet, I told them, Trump can pull surprises. I told them I would be surprised if Trump doesn't win. If we understand profiling, we would understand why Trump won. It is the same thing with our Cross River State in Nigeria. If we understanding profiling well, we would understand why Ayade and his kind win elections. Not that they have anything to offer. But their very kind just keep on winning. Even when they are loosing, they win. Take a close look at Trump. Take a second look…let it be a close look at Ayade. They are one and exactly the same people in terms of psychology and character. Any profilers in da house!!!! Say Ya!!!!!!

Peter Ofem Ubi
Nigerians worry about your country, fix your country, and stop deceiving yourself about America. The Americans will always take care of Americans interest in the world & themselves, and their mentality isn't like ours back home Nigeria.

Do you see or ear of election tribunals in America? Court litigations after litigations?  Instead of Nigerians worrying about Trump and what he will and not do, they should worry about how make Nigeria tribunal free, worry about how they will end court litigations upon litigations for the hunger of corruption, they should free themselves of hypocrisy and keep away the 9ja 'do or die attitude' towards elections.

No ballot boxes found hidden in Bushed in yesterday America election; No bags of rice, oil, cash, etc distribution went on in America; no guns and cutlasses distributed to young men; no juju done; no head cut for ritualistic miracle victory; no thuggery or cultist used to oppress citizens -Americans simply voted their choice candidates. Today everyone went to work with a smile, lifestyles didn't change, and Americans have already moved on.

Nigerians like Patrick Amajama and all who don't know a thing about American should get back to thinking about Nigeria and how they will make Nigeria better for the generations to come. If you worry about me in America, you will develop hypertension while I drink my Starbucks Coffee with a smile.

You want to see a peaceful transfer of power? Watch for Trump's visit to the white house to meet Obama and you will understand why America remains the bastion of Democracy.

Bobby Agba Iliam
I am sure I was at the situation room all night!!!! What a believed? What a Nation? What a Misogynistic? What a change?
To all my folks out there that stood by #MamaCliton I thank you for a job weldon. And to Trump supporters, I also thank you n congratulate you all for the enthusiasm spirit.

To my dear President Elect. I congratulate you deeply. God bless American. Lets move on. But I know something is not right…

Somebody should help me tell these folks that re asking me how market? Wetin I de sell sef n you want give me loan? Lose or win that is the beauty of it.

It's a dark and scary day in America. Am proud of my vote. The people am afraid of are those who couldn't see problems with this man being president. Even though I knew my vote in NJ count, I voted love over hate. Like I said. Something is not right out there. And soon we are all going to find out.

***To the readers, weren't you surprised over the victory of mouthy Trump? Hmmmmm… The present author was. Meanwhile, in hidding Ubi's charge, let's see how we can fix Nigeria's political system to make it as enviable as America's. Congratulations President-elect Donald Trump! Your victory at the polls is a watershed. Fulfill your campaign promises and 'make America great again'.

Efio-Ita Nyok
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