“See how this Over 59 Million Stupid Americans Can Be” – Barr. Hannatu Musawa

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Preface by Nelson A.Osuala [ 15 November 2016]

In this piece , Barr. Hannatu 'tongue-lashes' the vast of the  American people for "foolishly" electing as her next President, a Man whom She describes as  the 'most hasty, nasty, undignified, crass and clueless man ever to have come out of the ‘so-called’ free world."

Without much ado, this article is to my mind an eye- opener, a constructive, in depth and evaluative critique of not just some but everything about the President elect, Donald Trump.

The article was culled from SR by permission and we consider it worth perusing. Its title however is as published below:


"I have no doubt that since President-elect Donald. J. Trump has been elected we will definitely see an escalation of an undesirable trend and a radicalisation of the most arrogant policy America has ever exhibited."

“How stupid can 59,017,382 people be” was the question that the world was confronted with last week when Americans elected into office the most hasty, nasty, undignified, crass and clueless man ever to have come out of the ‘so-called’ free world.

One would have thought that some of the issue policies bitterly argued upon during the election campaign and some of the serious concerns brought up against the President-Elect would have played a part in this once great country’s politics, but instead they throw to the world this most odious of leadership.

Most people thought that 8th November was the day that Americans would prove their detractors wrong by broadening their tunnel vision regarding the rest of civilisation and making the right decision for the world; at large.

But instead they reject the most talented and qualified candidate to ever contest an American election, Hillary Clinton, and endorse the most obnoxious, dogmatic and rash man the world has ever seen, leaving them looking like a nation of timid, backward, diminutive, ignorant, bigoted, racist, discriminatory, basic of people.

I must say that, I have lost all respect for the American community.

I am confused as to how a civilized people could have chosen such an imbecile of gargantuan proportions, such a racist bigot, an uncouth fool full of unbelievably cartoonish hyperboles, a burdensome clown to take charge of, arguably, the most powerful office on earth.

I have no doubt that since President-elect Donald. J. Trump has been elected we will definitely see an escalation of an undesirable trend and a radicalisation of the most arrogant policy America has ever exhibited.

May God help us all…!

America, last week voted against its better international, economic, unifying interest when they voted for Donald. J. Trump as President in a most contested, emotional and negative U.S election of living history.

President-Elect Donald. J Trump beat his rival Secretary Hillary Clinton after a bruising campaign and tumultuous election that has left America in pieces to carry the Electoral College vote.

He shockingly shattered opinion polls, which overwhelmingly predicted his failure and left his opponent way behind.

Furthermore, his Republican party got a tight noose on the legislative house,giving Donald. J. Trump a mandate to push through his crazy far right agenda for America and the rest of the world.

There is widespread outrage and contempt as the world contemplates four years of the roller coaster ride that we will come to know as Donald Trump’s 1st term in office.

Italian officials described it as a “difficult moment for humanity, while the Germans said that, “it was neither good for the world or for Democracy in America”. 

A professor from the University of Oxford said that the temptation for Europe as ‘not America’ will increase.

Several African governments described it as a ‘sad affair,’ while some human rights activists described Trump as a ‘dangerous man on the loose with a mandate to mount much disharmony.’

I think the French described it best when an official said ‘There is a basic lack of understanding which is lasting and deep between the American people and the rest of the world and it goes in both directions… The world no longer understands what America is.’

To imagine that this country commanded the support and sympathy of the whole world owing to a place, a date and a time over a decade ago. The place; New York! The date; September 11th! The time; Beginning of the war on terror!

It all seems like an illusion now as the country further alienates itself from the rest of humanity and is grossly loathed.

What could have been responsible for such a dramatic reversal of world opinion?

It is the actions and utterances from the likes of people that hold the same ideology with Mr Trump!

They are to blame for all the acrimony felt toward America because they disregarded the World and took their country towards a negative direction.

It is not rocket science to imagine what the regime of Mr Donald. J. Trump will look like.

Under his regime, he will put a fortune in the pockets of the rich and do practically nothing for the ordinary American.

Under his regime, closet racists and bigots will ensure that discrimination in the society increases.

Under his regime, millions of jobs are likely to be lost and millions of people cut out of health care.

Obamacare is sure to be a thing of the past. Under his regime, America will probably withdraw from numerous environmental and economic International treaties.

Under his regime, wars may be waged on foreign countries and the rebuilding and petroleum contracts in those countries may be given only to his government officials, party supporters and The Trump Corporation.

If anyone thought that the world was not safe already… then the American electorate have just made it much, much worse.

It looks to me as if they have played right into the hands of ISIS and all other enemies of the free world and given them the permission for more shattering strikes.

The terrorists must be laughing with glee in their enclaves as 59 million stupid Americans hand the incentive for more international terrorism to them on a shinning, silver platter.

It’s almost as if agents of terror injected themselves right into the American election and scared them to the polls.

This is probably partly why a man, so full of hate and venom, so naive and inexperienced, whom wasn’t able to secure his countries popular vote, was able to clinch the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth.

This is why a buffoon who didn’t himself believe that he would or could win the election has been put in charge of the world’s biggest economy.

Honestly, the world has been made into a much more terrifying place with Trump’s election, I only wish that the Americans were able to share this view… though that is a tall order! You see; most Americans have never travelled outside their country or even their state.

They possess extraordinary, ignorant ideas about the world outside the United States. They believe that to be safe, they have to sleep with a riffle under their pillows.

They believe that the best way to win a war is to take it to the enemy. They probably even think that Africans have tails and swing from trees. If not them certainly Trump probably does.

If we thought that The Donald was an ‘uninformed yob’ with the inability to construct an intelligent sentence unless he was reading a script, then we have the exact picture of the average American.

Forget about what we see in their films and how tall their buildings are, they are truly the most backward of people. That would explain why they would elect and celebrate the victory of a man who couldn’t construct a sentence using sophisticated words or make a speech with the use of intelligent vocabulary.

I once read somewhere that in the 1990’s, the American people got used to believing that war could be won by remote control in mobile phone games in which whole enemy battalions could be wiped out with the push of a button.

That’s why they are all so willing to elect a leader who makes the declaration of war look as easy as Mr Easy’s ‘Dance For Me” lyrics so that he could smile and push the button for them when the time comes.

The whole world now appreciates the fact that America’s interest is not the same as everyone else’s.

They are only pre occupied with their interest and must achieve it regardless of what it takes.

The whole world can go to blazes for all they care. So now that the damage has been done, what does the world have to be anxious of? Four years of Trump and probably four wars, at the least.

I honestly would be shocked if we get through the next 4 years without some military intervention against some Foreign Islamic country.

I do hope that The Donald proves millions of people and myself wrong when we say that this is the calm before the storm! 

The worst part of this debacle is that Donald Trump is not a minority president.
He has the support of his people and, more importantly, the support of the legislature since his Republican party has the grip on both Houses of Congress.

What this means is that he can set the agenda at home and abroad without any domestic constriction.

He has already told us his affinity towards harmony, showed us his disregard to be kopesthetic.

I’m sure The Donald is right now salivating about being in the oval office, with that his orange face and quirky smirk basking in the thought that one, “I can now impose my will anywhere I want,” and two,” I can impose my will virtually alone… Hee, Hee, Hee” He will definitely interpret this victory as a pure substantiation of his ridiculous thoughts of fighting ‘good versus evil’. 

Now that the American electorate has chosen a self-fulfilling prophesy of Armageddon that will be accomplished through arrogance, stunted moral development, suppression of opposition and the illusion of an offensive, mysterious enemy in the face sheer ignorance led by The Donald, they will be more than willing to send their military to attack those less able.

They will keep this immoral set-up out of their consciousness by believing that they are fighting a battle between good and evil with their Senseless, Orange Shapeless, Premier leading the way.

As long as their commander in chief tells them repeatedly that they are under imminent threat of an attack from an unseen enemy, the threat will never go away!

The wars will never end! I shudder at the thought of what so many stupid Americans have done to us all.

With this harrowing image in mind, I join the world in saying, “Just how stupid can 59,017,382 million people be?”

The Author, Hannatu  Musawa
– Degree in law from University of Buckingham, UK.
-Postgraduate Masters Degree in the Legal Aspects of Marine Affairs and ;
-Postgraduate Masters Degree in Oil and Gas Law from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Credit to Sahara Reporters.

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