As 2016 comes to a ‘Dead End’ —By Richard Romanus


Richard Romanus|27 December 2016 It was on Christmas day Garba Shehu, one of President Mohammadu Buhari spokesman incurred the wrath of Nigerians when in his attempt to felicitate with Christians on Christmas, wrote the following on micro-blogging website, Twitter “As the year 2016 comes to a dead end, I wish you a festive season and a Happier year ahead. Regards to your dear ones,” Such a reckless and insensitive statement would have gone unnoticed and forgiven if it were to be made by some twitter user but coming from Garba Shehu, a man who has been in the pen profession since-God-knows-when and a man who ought to be mindful of the choice of words he spews out on a daily basis, the backlash that followed his tweet which was later re-editted, showed how unhappy Nigerians are with the present administration. The Merriam-webster dictionary of English define the term 'dead end' as a "position, situation or course of action that leads to nothing further" or in other terms, "a situation, plan or way of doing something that leads to nothing further". Truth is, for one, was never surprised about such a careless statement coming from Garba Shehu because, the entire media team of the President which has Shehu as a member, has a reputation of being insensitive to the plight of millions of suffering Nigerians. Yes Mallam Shehu, 2016 is truly coming to a dead end. It has been a year so many businesses came to a 'dead end' because of the clear incompetence and cluelessnes of your principal to fashion out sound economic policies that will revive such businesses, it has been a year, so many Nigerians went to their early graves as a result of the desperation of your principal and his party, the APC to win Rivers state by all means, it has also been a year, free and fair elections, the judiciary, Opposition among several others came to their 'dead ends' as a result of your principals dictatorial tendencies.So, you were right after all. If anybody had told ninety percent of Nigerians that, the year was going to end the way it is looking to end, I am sure most of them, would have not believed it. It has been a year that has been characterised by hunger, loss of jobs, failed plans and aspirations and so many sad and unpleasant stories  caused by the very Government we were told was coming to CHANGE things for the better now Change has turned to Chain. 2016 has been a year where, the APC led federal Government under President Mohammadu Buhari could hardly convince me on not deliberately orchestrating the hardship Nigerians are currently passing through just to punish them. If not, does our Commander-in-Chief need a sooth-sayer to advise him on the need to suspend the Treasury Single Account policy for sometime,That, Revamping the Economy is suppose to top his administration agenda at least for now instead of the so called anti-Corruption fight the Government has been using to hunt perceived opponents? Like Senator Shehu Sani rightly pointed out a certain time ago, President Buhari should be thankful to God that, Nigerians are not on the streets protesting. As it stands, they are hungry and like the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man. As we gradually wrap up 2016, one thing is certain and that is, Nigerians are looking forward to a better and prosperous 2017. A year where the Buhari led Government will make up for the hard times it made it citizens suffer in 2016. A year where, there will be job boom, a year where, Nigerians will not have to queue in order to buy essential commodities, a year where each and every Nigerian irrespective of tribe, religion and party affiliation is given equal right and attention. A year where, political prisoners like Nnamdi Kanu and Col Sambo Dasuki will regain their freedom, a year where the Government will take decisive action on the continuous killing of innocent Nigerians by Fulani Herdsmen and finally, Nigerians are looking forward to a 2017 where they will begin to see and feel the dividends of the CHANGE mantra that brought the Government to power in all sectors as anything other than this might give birth to occupy Nigeria Season two… Richard Romanus is a public Affairs commentator from Oderegha in Obubra LGA of CRS.