“Rivers Re-run: A Case of Logistic Nightmare for INEC; Clash of Political Gladiators & a general Fiasco” – By Nelson A.Osuala


[12 December 2016] To my mind, there seems to be  no better way to describe the events of – and the  general conduct of the Rivers state Senatorial Re-run election than that those expressed above. This is premised upon the fact that the events that unfolded before, during and after the electoral practise can be described in some major polling units and Wards as a complete failure of the Nigerian Electoral System. This is so because one can evidently point at loopholes and inadequacies from all the actors and factors that are stakeholders of the entire electoral process. These stakeholders thus mentioned include: First and foremost, the Federal Government, INEC, Security Agents, Electoral Officials, and then, the Citizens of Rivers state. You would recall that in my earlier publication, I brought to fore the pandemonium that preoccupied the election in rivers state, wherein some Hoodlums allegedly carted away with inec sensitive materials.  See details from:
http://www.negroidhaven.org/2016/12/cacophony-erupts-at-rivers-state-as.html?m=1 This article is therefore a sequel, a follow-up on the earlier publication as above. According to credible sources, there is a case of an evidential systemic electoral disorderliness which preceded yesterday's elections in Rivers state which no doubt is a direct  product of what one may describe as a Power tussle amongst the duo of APC and PDP political Gladiators who seats as the major Political parties in Nigeria. One Electoral commentator during an interview on Channels Television described the Rivers state Re-run as a market place for "political entrepreneurs" who make merchandise from Elections through whatever means possible- A situation that can amount to hot tears! According to Gov. Gysome Wike who lamented over the disorderliness of yesterday's elections in the state, as he finger points  Inec and blames her  for failing to prove her worthiness and adequate preparedness for the election. This failure of Inec to successfully deliver a free, fair and peaceful election in Rivers is a far cry from those election conducted in Ondo State weeks before. All fingers seems to be pointing to INEC's inability to deliver what was to be a free and fair election in Rivers state- a State that has often been described as a " War Zone" ; A citadel of power rumble, wrestles, Struggles and Tussles by political heavyweight individuals, commandoes and gladiators. People who consider Politics as a do or die affair- an end rather than a means ! This situation is absolutely unacceptable! Something must be done and that right early. If we must recover our Nation from political decay- from the bewitched hands of these selfish political entrepreneurs, Titans and devil inspired political warlords, all hands must be on deck. It is no time to bother on which party one the other- it is a clarion call to salvage our Nation from Decay and collapse. We must all with one mind, say no to Corruption, Selfishness, electoral misconduct and all forms of mayhem before, during  and after elections in order to forestall credible leaders and statesmen who assume power with the aim of rendering acceptable service and improving the economy of Nigeria for a better Nigeria! These are my Submissions. Nelson A.Osuala
Is a Blogger & the Associate Editor of Negroidhaven.org