#ThinkCrossRiver: I will Prefer if Ayade Learns from the Dec 9th Episode -By Joseph Odok


Joseph Odok|9 December 2016 I congratulate the governor and wish him a better approach to governance. The court has spoken, as a law abiding citizens I accept it as law. Today Governor Ben Ayade becomes my legitimate governor beyond reasonable doubts I congratulate Joe Agi; the act of taking Ayade to court is for me a process of God's intervention in the affairs of Cross River State. I decree that Cross River State will not remain the same. God is telling me that the outcome of the judgment today is a manifestation of God's will for Cross River State. I advice Ayade not to rejoice too much, he is far from getting it right yet. The challenges before him are enormous and so far he has scored low in fulfilling most of his promises. My governor, your government neglected stakeholders and experts, work with those with experience to make a change. The legal battles are put to rest today the 9th of Dec 2016, but 2019 is still near; God has given Ayade a second chance. My advice to Senator Ayade is never to give himself a pass mark because of the accolades of praise singers; no the reality on ground speaks against Ayade Benedict. I have pointed out lots of corruption in the system, this is not because I hate Ayade; but because I think Cross River State and place Cross River before Ayade. Ayade need look at corruption amongst his aides and in most ministries. Yes the governor has a crowd of people as aides; downsizing may make for a more efficient management. My governor, winning the legal battle is not victory but delivering the dividends of democracy is. No one doubts that ayade has wonderful ideas, the problem lies in implementation and lack of due process in execution of set out goals. My governor, Frank Ayade the co-governor of Cross River State is a big distraction to your government, please place Cross River State above your family. My governor, always talk less and do more, let your works speak for you and not the propaganda of your unprofessional media aides. Congratulations to Ben Ayade. It is time for governance, time for legal battles is laid to rest. My governor I will continue to engage you. In a democracy, I will not stop to criticize you until we get it right in Cross River State. But be sure that I will continue to watch your government with keen eyes; if I see a change, I will come all out to support and work with you. Be sure I need no appointment or reward from you, the best you can give me is a Cross River State of our dream; A Cross River State with no security threats, A Cross River State with clean environment, A Cross River State defined by regularly payments of salaries that include all civil servants without neglecting staff of the Local Government, A Cross River State without potholes, A Cross River State with better infrastructure. My governor, as a Professor, proof that you love education because our educational system is failing under your nose; my governor you boast of coming from a poor background, please it is unfair not to exclude  scholarship programs in your agenda. My governor, we also need you to proof to us that you are an environmentalist. Our gutters have not been de-silted since you came into power; this poses danger of flood and erosion, Our one time clean Calabar is now a dirty Calabar, please we beg you prove yourself a true environmentalist. My governor, you defined Cross River State as rich in possibilities, yes we are. But you have not tapped into opportunities of Tinapa, Marina Resort, International Conference Centre, Obudu Cattle Ranch, and our rich tourism potentials. Our billions will continue to waste if our governor does not maximize already available opportunities. I will continue to engage you but my approach may be different because I desire a better Cross River State. #JoinLetsThinkCrossRiver Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent