BREAKING: Hoodlums strike Calabar metropolis; shooting, stabbing and looting!

Efio-Ita Nyok|10 February 2017
No lesser than an hour ago there’s been serious shooting around Goldie Street/ Mount Zion Road and 8th Miles —all in Calabar metropolis NegroidHaven can say.
However, a source has it that the Goldie/Mount Zion situation has been brought under control: ‘gallant military officers (with a bit at Orok-Orok Round-about By Goldie Str have brought the Goldie/Mount Zion situation under control. Normalcy has returned, as cabs now ply amidst human traffic.’
At 8th Miles in Calabar Municipality there is a report of another an armed robbery incident which reportedly left some seriously stabbed : ‘they just shot around my area in 8th miles and carted away with a 32 inches samsung television from a drinking bar leaving behind a casualty with multiple bottle stab injuries’.
While the incident in Goldie/Mount Zion aren’t yet confirmed to be armed robbery related that of 8th Miles is obviously related to robbery.
One Miriam Obi said: ‘No bi small run dey here o’ (that is, in respect of Goldie/Mount Zion in Calabar South) while one Effiong Precious Bassey confesses that, ‘we are now leaving in fears’. These hoodlums are striking fear into the heart of both residents and indigenes of the state capital.
The Nigerian Police should step up their game in enforcing law and order. Cross Riverians should also be security conscious.
Efio-Ita Nyok
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