Tragedy of Viewing Center: The Nemesis of Calabar Paraded Coffin —By Steve Takim


Steve Takim|25 April 2017 
1. The coffin is by cultural implications not and can never be a good artifact to behold with eyes or mental mind, no matter how fanciful or sophisticated it may be made of. Growing up in those good days, children don't dare go close to coffins or look at them when passing on a street were such coffins are displayed for sales because of the attendant fears associated with the bad omen as been told by parents then.
2. However, with the implosion of civilisation and Christianity today, that fear has been completely eroded among children and even adults. But that is not to say that our culture must be desecrated on the altar of civilisation for what ever reasons. Our culture as a people of Cross River highly forbids the parading of coffins without corpse, no matter the time and hour of the day. It is considered a taboo, sacrilege and a bad omen especially when it is paraded for social, religious or political events or as a means of settling disputes between brothers, families or communities.
3. There is no gain saying that the unprecedented blood bath and death in Calabar metropolis nay Cross River could be a boomerang of the paraded coffin in Calabar, Cross River capital. However good the intentions were, the use of a coffin as a means to show solidarity or support can not be without the price of blood sacrifice, that single action therefore is considered to be a taboo and a bad omen, and what is bad is not correct. 
4. The Coffins are only supposed to be use for burial ceremonies meant to bury the dead. But the reverse is now the case, evil people such as business moguls, politicians, corporate entrepreneurs, ritualists, cult gangs and societies even some self-acclaimed 'men-of-God use coffins for their nefarious, devilish and diabolic activities with the believe that it gives them cosmic and necromantic powers to assume a terrestrial realms in other to manipulate to get plenty wealth, health, long life, power, authority, or even control the universe to their whims.
5. When the Governor of Cross River State, Senator Professor Benedict Ayade last year paraded a coffin from Margret Ekpo International Airport through the streets of Calabar, his team of supporters paraded a coffin from Margaret Ekpo International Airport through the streets of Calabar while his case was in the Supreme Court with Joe Agi SAN who was then challenging his election as Governor-elect, only a very few understood the danger of his actions. But then the deed has been done, so it now looks like a famer who goes to the farm to harvest ants infested firewood, odds to know that he will have lizards as guest in his house that will come to feast on the ants. In view of the foregoing, the monumental tragedies been experienced since that action could possibly be linked as nemesis to the paraded coffin, but that is not to say that a natural occurrence, coincidence or human factor could not be possible as a major factor.
6. It will be recalled that notable Cross Riverians then who understood the enormity and implications, in strong terms, condemned that single act and warn of the attendant repercussions of the actions of the Governor if nothing is done through sincere prayers and repentance to cancel the bad omen associated with parading of coffin around town with no corpse on it on broad day light. Churches, religious organizations and their leadership were called to organized prayer sessions to ask for God's mercies, forgiveness and cleansing of the land, yet no such appeasement took place either by the church or elders of the land.
7. Since that event of the coffin paraded by Governor Ayade, they have been countless blood bath and death sum up as tragedies in Calabar metropolis and the state in general than never before in the history of the state. Coincidentally, none of this tragedy that has so far happened that has the Governor around the state just as he is now in far away Germany as reported, it is the Deputy Governor that will be sent for intervention. When a single event create too many coincidence, it no longer becomes ordinary, it create room for suspicion. 
8. Communal crises took astronomical increase with minor provocation from Odukpani, to Biase, Yakurr, Abi, Obubra, Ikom, Etung, Yala, Bekwara, and Obudu LGAs. In all, it has left so many innocent souls dead in a twinkle, not to talk of wanton destruction of properties. What about cult wars among various rival groups in the state; Calabar, Yakurr, ikom, Obudu etc, this rivalry has continued with maiming and killings of so many, mostly youths including the innocent within the period till date. The increase and unchecked armed robbery activities on its own have claimed unquantifiable numbers of innocent souls on a daily basis and still counting without a definee remedy. And now a monumental tragedy in Nyanhasang community, Calabar Municipality just claimed the lives of no fewer than five (7) fans in a football viewing center due to collapsed electrocuted structure. All these tragedies could have been prevented if we think a little deep out of the box and not rely on our human capacities.
9. In the mist of all this, the security apparatchiks of the state that is supposed to help check some of these excesses have completely lost ideas and strategies; they are in a confused and moribund state of their mandate. This is not ordinary. The pains and groaning in the state and her people is increasing every day with no idea of what calamity is next to befall her.
10. There is no physical action that do not have a spiritual connotation. The continued blood flow and monumental dead in Calabar metropolis and the state in general has gone beyond physical understanding and innuendoes, therefore it must be approached in the spiritual dimension if there must be a respite from God to heal our land. 
11. The Scriptures in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land".
This revelation has become pertinent and worthy of note because God can not lie. Therefore once again, churches, men and women, youth and elders of the land are called upon to turn to God in prayers to seek repentance and mercies to heal our land, our state and her people from further nemesis from the effects of the paraded coffins. Failure to seek restitution will be inviting more calamities and tragedies to ourselves.  
12. In this moment of grieve my heart goes out to the families of this recent tragedy, Cross River state government, Nigeria and the entire football community.
Eternal rest grant onto the souls of the faithful departed O'Lord and let perpetual light shine on their souls. 
Steve Takim 
Is a Social Commentator