Cross River @ 50: Is Cross River really 50?: Different opinions between Odidi & Usang


Efio-Ita Nyok|28 May 2017 
Cross River State, a subnational entity in Nigeria’s south south geopolitical zone celebrated 50 years yesterday 27th May. There have been controversy as to whether she is actually 50. 
International development consultant, political scientist, social entrepreneur and public affairs analyst, Mr Princewill Odidi, has asserted that she is 50; but Ben Usang, a Peace Practitioner is holding an alternative position. See their arguments. Excerpt: 
Is Cross River Really going to be 50 years
-By Ben Usang 

Is Cross River Really going to be 50 years that requires that the state that has not been celebrating 27th May as its anniversary suddenly decides to do so because Lagos and others are doing so?

This anniversary frenzy has in recent times caused a lot of disharmony in our state that I begin to wonder what is really happening. Am guessing it was because of the 50 years anniversary that we are having a new logo that is causing  much anger from many citizens. Again I ask is my Cross River State really going to be 50 years?I DONT THINK SO. I know this will be controversial but my argument is simple and that is what was created in 1967 was Southern Eastern state and not Cross River and that state is now defunct by name and geographical landmass. 
So why would we consider 1967 as the birth of the CRS  as we know it? Why are we not celebrating the anniversary of the oil rivers and later southern Nigeria protectorate with Calabar as capital? 
CRS at 50 is a misplaced priority and an unnecessary distractions from the dividends of democracy citizens deserve to get from their leaders. For crying out loud we should be celebrating 23rd September as our Independence Day from the former South Eastern state and later Cross River State that we constituted a minority to the mainland people of the present Akwa Ibom state. I think we do not realise the extent of what happened on 23rd September 1987 when Akwa Ibom and the New Cross River State was split. Was it because we inherited the name of cross river state that we  figured that nothing happened to us that day. 
Several appointments into the civil service from current CRS was the immediate by product but yet we continued to ignore 23rd September maybe because the capital of the new cross river remained in calabar, just imagine if was relocated to Ikom. Would that not be a new state. Abeg let this 27th May stop distracting us from celebrating our children and youth that day. THIS IS MY CANDID  OPINION. 

Is CRS really 50?
—By Princewill Odidi 
South-Eastern State was created on May 27, 1967 from the former Eastern Region, Nigeria by the General Yakubu Gowon regime. 
Its name was changed to Cross River State in the 1976 state creation exercise by the then General Murtala Mohammed regime from South Eastern State.  Note, it was just a name change, everything remained the same. 
The present day Akwa Ibom State was excised from  Cross River in the state creation exercise of September 1987 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. 
In essence Cross River that had the Capital retains the original creation date of 1967, while Akwa Ibom which was excised in 1987 cannot celebrate. 
To those still confused if we are 50 years, this should suffice. Cross River is 50.

***What is your opinion about Cross River @ 50 years in light of the foregone arguments? 
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