The Released Chibok Girls and the Commentary of Fine Pictures —By First Baba Isa


First Baba Isa|8 May 2017 
I have seen such comments and pictures plenty online and all I could do was marvel at the quantity of ignorance being displayed. 
1. Those girls don't even look as beautiful and fresh as all the filter photos you people are sharing online. It is shameful to take the photos of suffering young women who have just been released by their captors, filter it and start sharing online. A photo can make even the most haggard of person look fresh. 
2. Even if they look a bit fresh, so? You can only dismiss their looking good as evidence that they were not captured because you don't even know how these terror empires operate. You think Boko Haram is some gang of hungry cultists in our villages? 
These groups are empires with multi million dollar budgets! Chibok girls were kidnapped to be used as bargaining chips, exactly what is being done now. And you think the terrorists won't feed them and bathe them to keep them alive and looking a bit good? 
Is it not the same Boko Haram that conquered many local governments during Goodluck Jonathan era? You think they were fighting our soldiers with Christmas bangers and fireworks? No! They have sophisticated weapons purchased with millions of dollars! And you think this same group can't provide milk and chicken to 200 schoolgirls if they want to? 
At times some sentiments you people share here is an announcer of your crass ignorance. 
Go and read "Son of Hamas" by Mosab Hassan Yousef. And also read "Boko Haram And Its Suicide Squad" by Adrian Davieson. You will see how these terror groups operate. 
Some of their commanders earn more than the president of a nation. They have all the resources to keep you looking like Agbani Darego for as long as they want.
– By Firsts Baba Isa (FBI)
Is a legal practitioner