Navy/Police Calabar Fiasco: Joseph Odok, controversial social change agent, lauds Nig. Police|THROWBACK


2 June 2017 
I write to thank the Nigerian Police for maturity displayed yesterday in the face off of some of it's officers with the Nigerian Navy. Humility is strength. 
Their officers called the erring low ranks to order immediately the problem ensued unlike the Nigerian Navy officers that came out wit their armouries to destroy Federal Government properties of the Nigerian Police, Akim barrack. 
At this point, I say Kudos to the Commissioner of Police Cross River State CP Hafiz M. I for showing strength by calling the police to early retreat. 
For those clapping that the Nevy finished the police, I beg you come out of your ignorance. Navy was not created to be burning police stations. I don't know how the problem started but the fact that the Navy retreated and came back to begin destroying police station at Akim should be condemned rather the irrational applause by some persons. We need such strength as exhibited by the Nigerian Navy in the defense of our territorial waters not destruction of Federal Government institution 
I am so vexed, because our security outfits that were meant to assure us security are the ones causing insecurity. This ought not to be now that we expecting the visit of the Acting President to Cross River State 
Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent