REVEALED: Why there is no ‘CallyAir’ logo on CRSG newly acquired aircraft but, ‘Cally’

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The newly acquired aircrafts of the Government of Cross River State cannot fly the ‘CallyAir’ logo in Nigeria airspace reportedly because Cally Air is not a registered business in Nigeria.

According to Agba Jalingo a renowned Journalist facing charges of terrorism preferred against him by the federal government, ‘There is no such entity known in the Nigerian law as Cally Air. It is not a registered business. Cally Air or Cally aircraft is just the aircraft owned (or leased) by CRS govt but used by Aero Contractors Airlines.

‘Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority NCAA, insists that the airplanes can’t fly with the CallyAir logo because CallyAir isn’t a registered airline and does not have an Air Operating Certificate, AOC.

Mixed reactions by Nigerians about Cally

‘Aero begged to fly the planes because they will soon be ready for another round of maintenance having been parked since their arrival from Europe without flying, after incurring demurrage and parking cost.

Passengers who flew in the plane today were booked and checked in as Aero passengers.’ his statement reads in part.

Rather, during the test flight from Lagos to Abuja on Thursday, the liner was seen with the inscription ‘Cally’.

The development has has sparked mixed reactions on social media from Nigerians.