POLITICS :Timeline Of Buhari Presidential Campaign In Cross River

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By Efio-Ita Nyok

Introduction of Hon. Mrs. Abike Erewo of the House of Assembly as APC National Presidential Compère

Songs of Worship led by Hon. Abike, This worship session is punctuated by Senator Mamorah Bola who introduced a piece which goes thus: ‘There is something that makes me want to vote APC, my party; my party ooooo my party(2x), there is something that makes me want to vote APC, my paaaaarrrrty!’

The both of them emphasises on the importance of having the Permanent Voting Card(PVC).
Senator Bola informed the crowd of the trending APC’s acronym, that is ICE, which when translated means, Insecurity, Corruption and Economy. According to them, the APC is poised to deal with the hard-to-conquer challenge of Insecurity, Corruption and a dwindling Economy.
It was here that it was said that the APC Presidential Rally was deprived the use of the U.J. Esuene’s Stadium as venue to receive Buhari. Normally, the stadium should have been preferrable.

The APC Women Leader, Hajia Ramatu was called to take the stage, after which she cheered up the crowd

Malam Farouk Adamu Aliyu was asked to mount this change; after which he expressed his profound disapproval of the state of affairs in CR State. He was also seen to chanting ‘by the grace of God’ as a means to salvage the state.

The APC Presidential Compere asked four individuals from the crowd to dance to the Dorobucci master piece.

Introduction of Barr. Eyo Nsa who highlighted the fact that, for sixteen years, there has been no social welfare in the state, but there has been increased graduate unemployment, loss of Bakassi, ceding of 76 oil wells to sister state, Akwa Ibom; and one-quarter of the state has been influenced by the obnoxious Green Tree Agreement.

One Honourable Esther pinpointed the the marginalisation of women, and asked observed that APC will bring  a change.

Gbogboeh G. Akondoreli noted that they are all agents of change.

Malam Farouk Aliyu and the crowed, were thrilled by Cultural avoid.

Buhari with his contingent, power.

3:32. National Anthem

State publicity secretary.

State APC Chair addresses the crowd

National APC Chair addresses the mammoth assembly. Hon. Odey Ochicha is officially presented with the APC Gubernatorial flag as the flagbearer of the state. He expressed acceptance.

Governor Amaechi takes the stage. He berates the governors of Cross River, especially, and formally declares that: ‘President Goodluck Jonathan is not my brother…’

APC National Chair talks on the APC Manifesto:
which will create 65 million jobs, jobless graduate will receive allowance, students will be the fed at least a square meal in school.
senior citizens of ages beyond 60 who are unable to earn a living will be giving an allowance.

GMB while approaching the platform, falls by the stair owing to his momentarily stepping on the Efik traditional attire he was putting on. It was a slight fall. He man the stage and addresses the crowd.
He emphasises on education which he asserts is ‘an assert’.

The National Anthem is sung. The crowd disperse.