Ayade’s $50,000 MISS CLIMATE CHANGE: 15 more important things begging for attention

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Efio-Ita Nyok|20 November 2016

In his Cross River State Wastage Ifere Paul, Cross River foremost critic and whitsle blower has taken yet another swipe at the decision of the government of Cross River State to spend at least $50,000 as cash prizes for first, second and third winners. He identified fifteen areas where these monies can be invested that will pay off positively on the state.

He highlighted LG outstanding salaries, ITM, Ugep; CUDA staff salaries, CRUTECH, allowance for public officials in the LG tier, 8th CRSHA, road infrastructure in Calabar metropolis, etc. Excerpt:

'1. It can pay all Local Government staff that are owed salaries.

2. It can pay all outstanding arrears and salaries owed ITM Ugep staff and their contractors.

3. It can pay all CUDA 11 months salaries.

4. It can pay CRUTECH imprest and outstanding salaries of lecturers and their allowances.

5. It can pay the furniture allowances of Local Government Councilors and other elected officials of the LGA and their appointees.

6. $50,000.00 can pay off assembly members allowances and other CRSHGA staff.

7. It will also go a long way to pay all scholarship beneficiaries of the State government all over the world.

8. Better still, it can be used to fix all the potholes in Calabar Metropolis.

9. It can be used to rebuild our classroom blocks in our villages, equip them with world class libraries and computers for e-learning, or even provide them with modern chairs and desks.

10. Do you know what the Cross River State government is planning to do with this money? They are planning a bootilicious pageantry.

11. The pageantry is tagged "Miss Climate Change" of Cross River State.

12. Contestants are from other countries around Africa. First price is $25,000.00, second price is $15,000.00, and third price is $10,000.00.

13. How does this Miss Climate Change Pageantry benefit the least person in our food chain in Cross River State?

14. The are lots of problems in Cross River State that needs money to solve. Especially, the numerous appointees needs salaries too.

15. But we leave all these problems to use our money to call for Miss Climate Change pageantry just because we want to look at ladies yansh we are spending $50,000.00?

How sad?'

Between Professor and Senator Ben Ayade's decision towards the pageantry and critics notable among which is Ifere Paul's fifteen point diversion, which should be prioritised?

Efio-Ita Nyok
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