Calabar resident mourns late dog, extol sterling qualities of ‘Major’

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On Tuesday, Egoh Ayamba, a Calabar resident announced the passing of his dog pet, Major, whom he extolled with sterling qualities NEGROIDHAVEN can say. According to Ayamba, the late German Shepard who passed on in Monday was intelligent, principled, disciplined, dedicated, loyal, sensitive and could understand language and genuflections.

Ayamba’s words ‘Yesterday, I got a call that Major had passed at a ripe age of 17 and had been buried. Major was a German Shepherd that was highly intelligent and principled. He won’t stray out even when you left the gate open. He won’t eat until you turn it into his plate instruct him to eat; even if it is a pot of meat! If you bought a female for him to mate and she put up a show, Major would quietly walk away and never look her way again, ever! Such a principled and disciplined dog. He understood English and hand gestures. He could see perceive moods. He was my good companion for almost two decades. This was a picture of him at five months of age. If you understand the loyalty of dogs and the dedicated companionship they offer, you’ll understand just how I feel.’

Ayamba’s words is ladenned with emotions so much so that it inspired alot of similar reactions. For instance, Onyekachi Kingsley Onuka said ‘I know the feeling. We once lost our only Dog(a Caucasian we named Becky). We felt like we lost a family member. Take heart’; Agnes Samuel Ejah disclosed that ‘I know this feeling. Pls be consoled. I cried for over 3days and refused to eat when I lost my dog to the cold hands of death’; Basil Adekpe said ‘Really sad. It’s better imagined. I’ve been through this and I know how you feel;’ Edith Oqua said ‘Dogs are really true companions and loyal especially when treated with care and love. Unlike most humans whom you treat well and they hit you hard’; Ritty Otu said ‘So sorry for your your lost….. I understand how you feel I have been there. Rest in peace Major’.


Egoh Ayamba

Does the famed loyalty of dogs supercedes that of humans at times? If yes, and given all the outstanding qualities of Major, can we logically say, non human animals especially dogs are not rational only instinctive?